Learning in Resourced Provision

Our RP team strives to meet the needs of our children who have ASD. They recognise that Autism is varied and complex, and adapt their practices to support each child’s progress.

We are very proud of the extra facilities for children in our provision. These include a sensory room, which is equipped with a range of resources to stimulate and soothe; our soft play room, which allows for vigorous and yet safe play; a trampoline, complete with safety enclosure; a large platform swing, which provides pleasurable vestibular stimulation; and a sensory garden, where children interact with living plants as they grow and change with the seasons.

Each of these extra facilities can be incorporated into learning plans.

Learning in the Resourced Provision is facilitated in the following ways:

  • All of our staff receive training and advice on working with each individual child.
  • The children’s days are carefully planned to incorporate routine and variety designed to develop their independence.
  • Learning plans use a multi-sensory approach, taking into account children’s individual needs and levels of development.
  • Use of a variety of strategies and interventions, including Intensive Interaction, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Social Stories, TEACCH, sign-along and SCERTS.
  • Children who are given places will have the opportunity to make a staged transition to the school.

The teachers are further supported by specialist sports coaches, who offer extra P.E. lessons to our R.P. children. These are often 1-2-1, and make use of a variety of equipment, e.g. parachutes, fit balls, balance beams and gymnastic vaults.

Our coaches not only work with children on individualised physical skills such as balance and motor co-ordination (e.g. rolling), but on social skills, e.g. turn-taking, as well. Our children benefit hugely from these special sessions, which are also made available to our SEN children in our mainstream classes.

We also make use of specialists such as Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists. Each of these experts is employed by Essex Primary School to help our children achieve their very best.

Local Authority Review of Resourced Provisions, November 2016

Diane Rochford, the Chair of the Government’s Review on Assessment for children with SEND, and Judith Wilson, School Improvement Advisor, visited Essex Primary School as part of their 2016 Review of Resourced Provisions.

In their report, they stressed how our ‘clearly articulated vision for inclusion in the school […] meets the needs of all pupils through equality of opportunity.’

They also praised our rich curriculum, remarking that that it encourages pupils to access (both functionally and socially) the subjects of life skills, gardening, cooking, community visits and swimming.

The report also noted that one of our strengths is our enthusiasm and drive to do the very best for our pupils in the RP, as it enables us to plan for individual needs through learning (in both mainstream classes and the resource provision).

Another area selected for praise was our philosophy of working with parents. This initiative, led by our Head Teacher, ensures children are appropriately supported in the hours they are not at school, and helps the children and parents get the most out of our special education expertise.