Bikeability – (Road and Travel Safety)

Bikeability – (Road and Travel Safety)

On the week beginning Monday 12th October 2020, 24 pupils from Year 5 were invited to participate in level 1 and 2 cycle training provided free by Cycle Confident. The lead instructor for the whole week was Louie Lister with co-instructor Alex Lively, both experienced instructors working with Cycle Confident.

As part of the level 1 training, pupils needed to already be able to ride a bicycle without stabilisers (and without wobbling) as the training focussed on how to ride safely using signals and manoeuvres ready for the road. All bicycles were checked by the instructors so that they were in good working order. All pupils were expected to wear a helmet. Level 1 training took part in the Key Stage 2 playground, but prepared the pupils for cycling on the roads. Only those pupils that were able to ride their bicycles safely in the playground progressed onto level 2 training that would take the pupils onto the streets in the local area.

28 pupils returned their completed consent forms with only 24 spaces available. All 28 pupils were asked to bring their bicycles in case there were any absences, having 4 pupils on the reserve list. Unfortunately, some of the pupils that were due to undertake the training forgot to bring their bicycles or were absent, so the reserve pupils were able to participate. We were mostly lucky with the weather, with only one afternoon rained off.  However, this did not deter the pupils from wanting to continue despite the rain. Of the 24 pupils that started the course on level 1, 18 pupils progressed onto level 2. 

The instructors were very impressed with the pupils’ behaviour and attitude towards the sessions, all pupils fully engaged and motivated.  All pupils that took part achieved level 1, 18 completed and achieved level 2. Pupils were given a certificate and badge to celebrate their achievements.  By the end of the course, all pupils were able to ride their bicycles with increased confidence, braking and stopping smoothly, signalling at junctions and being observant of the space around them. The level 2 pupils were able to put these skills into action on the roads and able to understand how to ride safely on the roads, having an awareness of other people on the roads besides themselves.

Well done to all the children that participated.

Report by:  Dionne Thompson           Oct 2020