Bikeability – (Road and Travel Safety)

Year 4

On Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th October, 20 pupils from Year 4 were invited to participate in level 1 cycle training provided free by Cycle Confident. The lead instructor for the 2 days, Michael Striesow, has been to Essex before so knows how our school works.

As part of the level 1 training, pupils needed to already be able to ride a bicycle without stabilisers (and without wobbling) as the training focussed on how to ride safely using signals and manoeuvres for the road. All bicycles were checked by the instructors that they were in good working order. All pupils were expected to wear a helmet. All training took part in the Key Stage 2 playground, but prepared the pupils for cycling on the roads.

Unfortunately, some of the pupils that were due to undertake the training forgot to bring their bicycles. Those 13 pupils that did bring their bicycles thoroughly enjoyed the training, managing to dodge the rain.

Michael Striesow, the lead instructor was very impressed with pupils’ behaviour and attitude towards the sessions. All pupils that took part achieved level 1. This included them being able to ride their bikes confidently, braking and stopping smoothly, signalling at junctions and being observant of the space around them.

Well done to all the children that participated.


Year 5/6



On the 18th of November to the 22nd of November, 24 of our Year 5 and 6 children brought in their bicycles to participate in cycle training.

Throughout the week, the children were under specialist instruction from trainers from Cycle Confident. Time was taken initially, to ensure that their bikes were in good condition and safe to ride. Level 1 training was conducted in the KS2 playground, making sure that the pupils could ride without wobbling.

Those pupils that completed the level 1 training, and could confidently ride their bikes, were taken onto the roads to learn how to ride safely on public highways. This forms part of the level 2 training. Some of these pupils passed the level 2 training. Certificates and badges will be given out in assembly.