Commonwealth Music Project


Over the course of the year, Mrs Raeburn and a select group of children have taken part in the Commonwealth Music Project. The purpose of the Commonwealth is to bring communities across the Commonwealth together through music. The organisation aims to deliver their mission by three main points: to engage, to educate and to empower. Through these aims, children feel valued and propelled to develop their musical abilities in singing or playing musical instruments (clarinet, violin, guitar, piano). Furthermore, the Commonwealth exposes children to a range wide of diverse cultures. They are privileged to be a part of the prestigious events that involve Royal presence or to significant important dates. The pupils at Essex Primary School have undertaken this mission throughout the academic year.



What we have achieved


The Commonwealth has had a huge impact on the pupils of Essex Primary School. Throughout the year the children have achieved and been a part of many projects. In addition, all children have been given the opportunity to participate. This year we have achieved the following:

  • We performed a piece for ‘Remembrance Day’, the Cenotaph, with the Coldstream Guards.
  • We sang Christmas Carols for the Australian High Commissioner.
  • We recorded the song, ‘Believe’, at Abbey Road Studio
  • We performed in the Horse Guards Parade
  • We performed in a fundraising concert held by Knightsbridge Primary School.
  • We have performed in Guildhall for the Heads of the Commonwealth
  • We have performed in Westminster These events and workshops have had a positive impact on the lives of the children. The pupils have been exposed to a variety of children from different schools and this has enhanced their social development. The children’s speaking and listening skills have developed. Pupils, who were shy, are now more willing to take a chance in meeting new staff and children.
  • Lastly, the pupils’ singing ability has improved. Children are beginning to sing in key and participate in melodic harmonies.


The children loved taking part in this wonderful culmination of events and they demonstrated how much the learned upon completion of the events.