Dinosaur Visit at Essex Primary

On Thursday 13th February, Children in Reception had a thrilling visit from the Education Group. They brought their fossils along for the children to experience paleontology. During the morning, they got the chance to enhance their learning of their current Dinosaur topic. During this workshop the children worked alongside a dinosaur expert and they had the opportunity to be dinosaur experts themselves. With their little brushes they uncovered a range of fossils including a Triceratop horn and a T-Rex footprint.


Children learnt about diet, habitat and behaviours of some iconic dinosaurs.  Meeting the 6ft T-Rex juvenile called Milly was an incredible spectacle which created a huge uproar amongst the children. It helped the children to imagine what it would have been like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Our children had the most dynamic, interactive learning experience and they will be left with wonderful memories for years to come.