Royal Wedding Day

On Thursday 17th May, Essex Primary collectively embraced the spirit of the nation, by celebrating the Royal Wedding.

Children from every year group prepared for the ‘big day’ by creating many wonderfully symbolic pieces of work. They tried to replicate all the important aspects of the Royal Wedding, to emphasise the enormity of the occasion to not only Britain, but the entire world.

There were a whole host of different creations from each year group. Activities included, making stunning crowns in reception, designing delicious cakes in year 1, producing beautiful bunting in year 2 and scribing eloquently formal invitations in year 4. Plus many more!

A ‘Royal Lunch’, which was expertly cooked by the kitchen staff, was greatly received by all. It made the day seem all the more special. Bunting and other decorative objects were aligned across both dinner halls, which fully projected the celebratory nature of the real event.

To finish the day’s proceedings, Mr Dickie led an informative and compelling assembly that depicted the personal profiles of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. During the assembly the children were able to exhibit their fabulous work.

Overall, the entire school really embraced the whole experience of such an important day in history.