Essex in Touch: ‘good neighbours’ intitiative

Essex in Touch is our new school initiative built around kindness, sharing and being good neighbours, run in partnership with the Manor Park Community Neighbourhood Scheme.

This programme of events hopes to encourage cross-generational links in our local community by offering older people a chance to share their wealth of knowledge with children.

In return, our children learn the value of listening to older members of our community, to gain insights into the lives of people who have many stories to share.

Our first tea party was held on Thursday 4th April 2017. We were delighted to welcome a number of special guests to the school: members of our Manor Park community.

These ladies and gentlemen were hosted by children from Year 5, who practised their hospitality skills by introducing themselves politely and ensuring their guests were comfortable.

In preparation for the visit, children had made home-baked cakes and everyone enjoyed the refreshments as the conversation flowed.

During the course of the tea party, one of our visitors revealed that his children had attended Essex Primary School forty years ago! The children were fascinated by this, and asked lots of questions.

Another of our guests had brought her i-Pad, which she used to share photos to illustrate her stories.

This party was only the first in a series of planned events. Essex in Touch will be going from strength to strength, forging strong community relationships and helping our children grow into kind, caring and hospitable young people.