Forest Schools – Summer 2019

At Essex Primary School the focus of Forest Schools is firstly, to develop children’s collaborative working skills, self-esteem, resilience, confidence and practical skills which can then be transferred to the classroom. Secondly, to make learning practical, fun and enjoyable so that children develop a positive attitude towards school and learning.


Despite the name, forest school can take place in any natural outdoor environment, which may be on the school premises or in the local area. Forest school learning is child-directed; the scope of the activities that can take place are enormous.



During a session children were engaged and enjoyed their learning in Forest School. They had lots of fun exploring their new classroom and making a leaf crown.

Forest School is a weekly event and all the children are looking forward to exploring new things every week. It indicates that they are learning while making work fun and engaging, giving greater opportunity for independent, paired and group work.

Forest School will give our children an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and to take part in exciting and challenging activities. Essex Forest School will allow every child to grow up feeling confident about their identity, in a spirit of friendship.