Great Fire Of London workshop (Year2) 2018

Great Fire Of London Experience!

What an adventurous journey year 2 took, to learn about the Great fire of London!

The year 2 children attended an engaging and practical workshop in the school where they learned about the events of the Great fire of London. They were transported to the challenging, but vibrant, streets of London. The facilitator of the event was leading the children through the authentic, historical events while embracing the character of a 17th century tailor. They started the morning by becoming 17th century shop apprentices on the streets of London. Everyone had the chance to learn skills that would have been common for workers of the era. The activities included chandler (candle maker), baker, perfumer, scrivener (writer), leather worker, metal worker, seamstress, apothecary (chemist) amongst others.



All children learnt different trades, ably aided by adults, who also embraced a chosen profession. Adults led each activity to ensure every child completed their apprenticeship to a ‘lifelike’ standard. The entire process led to peer and adult collaboration, which made the experience realistic and enthralling. In addition to this, the children encompassed their characters whenever role play was taking place. During role-plays, the children formed groups to collect water to douse the fire as well as using explosives to bring down houses to stop the fire from spreading. This really helped them gain a realistic assumption of how people felt when this harrowing event happened.



They also looked at a large scale map from the era to identify the areas affected by the fire and how it was able to spread so quickly.




In the afternoon, the children helped to excavate evidence from the fire by looking for personal belongings and important legal documents. They used specialist equipment to dig for artefacts and identify who the items could belong to and what their profession was. They also looked at letters written in a script from the time to help them understand the thoughts and feelings of people during the fire.



This experience was essential for the children to be able to construct diaries and poems relating to this iconic event in history. It was a fully engaging and worthwhile experience, aided by the amazing facilitator and his wonderful array of resources, provided by ‘History Off the Page’ company. Children were fully focused the entire day, which led to bursting excitement which they couldn’t wait to share with their parents/carers. This unique experience will live long in the memory of our children and they will always remember the learning that took place during this fantastic workshop.