Kew Gardens

Our Year Four children recently enjoyed an educational visit to the world-famous Kew Gardens.

These botanic gardens are filled with plants collected from all over the world, as well as many other exciting and educational exhibits.

Year Four’s topic was ‘Rainforests,’ and so they have been learning all about these important natural resources.

To support their learning, the children took part in a rainforest workshop at Kew. This was led by one of the botanists.

Children explored the different plants found in rain forests, and how they form part of an intricate food chain.

They also learnt about the climates, and how the humidity and soil temperature affects what grows in each type of rainforest.

The children worked very hard, and then had a well-deserved picnic in the sun before playing in the play area.

This visit to Kew was not only important in supporting the Y4 learning – it was also fun!