On this page you will find your child’s homework. Please select the relevant homework for your child from the links below.

Autumn half-term

Nursery Homework
Reception Homework
Year 1 Homework
Year 2 Homework
Year 3 Homework
Year 4 Homework
Year 5 Homework
Year 6 Homework



There are also some useful websites below to help support your child’s learning.


Essex Primary now has a fantastic, safe website/search engine for parents and children to use at home. It is the Britannica School Online Encyclopedia. ​A website with huge amounts of information, updated every 20 minutes with the latest news and information. It can be used to help with homework, school work or learning in general.

Please click here to gain access. Upon doing so, enter the following I.D to enter the site: (ID number: EssexE12).


English Resources

Crickweb literacy

BBC Bitesize


Maths resources

nrich maths

maths is fun

my mini maths

hit the button

Singapore maths



prodigy game


Science Resources

compare for kids


BBC Bitesize KS2

Homework Help Science