School Council

Everyone Valued, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Achieving 


School Council 

2020 – 2021

Essex Primary School Council is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their communication skills and understand how to  represent their classes, taking on an important responsibility. Classes have voted in their class representative and the School Council have already met, in a socially distanced way.


Year Group



Year Group




1J Umar


4M Shiv
1N Gurkirat 4A Abrar
1B Siddhaarth  4I Danial
1A Marwa 4P Yahya


2R Khadheeja 


5A Albina
2K Rufaida 5S Zaara
2A Ubaid 5B Chiama
2N Zainab 5P Arham


3B Saim


6H Farhan
3A Iman 6R Sara
3M Mikael 6Q Prince
3H Malaik 6I Faizan

Our recent meeting started with praise from the pupils for the improvements made to the playgrounds during the summer holidays. This has already raised further ideas which the pupils want to pursue.

These included ideas of activities to play in the playground at playtime and lunchtime, ways to improve the environment by growing and planting flowers around the site, other choices of food to be included on the lunch menu and the possibility of shelters to be included in the playgrounds in the summer. Pupils are not only encouraged to discuss ideas with their classes, but to come up with solutions on how to address these issues. So far all pupils have been very enthusiastic and keen to do their best in the role. 

Future initiatives will include: 

  1. How can we make sure all children are safe on their journey to/from school?
  2. How can we promote and encourage everyone to Walk to School.
  3. How can we look after our environment and encourage others to the same.

This year we decided to design our own School Council badge, with Saim in 3B having created the winning design. All School Council reps are now wearing their new badge with pride. Well done Saim. 

The School Council has made a great start to the new year and have lots of fantastic ideas, so let’s see if we can make a difference!