School Council


(School Council visit Parliament)


At Essex Primary we encourage our children to practise effective communication skill; therefore we place a great emphasis on the running of our School Council. During their time on the council, pupils learn how to organise information and to approach problems with diplomacy and tact.

The Council is made up of pupils selected from each class. There is a democratic election process, and each child is encouraged to put themselves forward. Once elected, the class representatives meet regularly with staff, and work together to make Essex Primary the very best that it can be. The Council make suggestions, discuss ideas and attempt to solve problems that arise. They also represent the school at local events.

The children have enjoyed a number of recent successes:

  • facilitated the purchase of more rainy-day games by speaking to the school governing body
  • improved meal choices on the school dinner menu
  • represented Essex Primary represented at a Holocaust Memorial day event at Stratford Town Hall
  • represented Essex Primary at a Remembrance Day event in Plashet Park.

Although the meeting’s agenda is mainly led by the pupils based on their class concerns, the School Council is also a means for the Head Teacher to invite pupils’ ideas about the development of the school: most recently, Council members have been contributing to the forthcoming development of the Key Stage 2 playground.

Essex Primary School Council is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn representation and effective communication, and we are proud of the Council members who work constantly to improve the school for themselves and their fellow pupils.