Many Tongues

One Voice  for Mother Tongue Day.

Children at Essex Primary School worked with respected musical director Alex Wilson to celebrate both their mothers and the multinational nature of our school.

Children learned songs in Somali, Hindi, Jamaican-English, Arabic, Spanish, Bengali, Shona/Zulu, Xhosa, Yoruba and English.

Head Teacher, Mrs Rosie Cowan, said the following:

‘Essex Primary School is proud to welcome children from all over the world. Our vision is for pupils to have access to a broad curriculum which inspires them to develop to their full potential. Music is an important part of this vision. The project brought the whole school together to celebrate the important role of our mothers in preparing us for the wider world – it is from them that we first learn language and how to communicate. It never ceases to move me when I hear everyone sharing that vision and broadening their horizons.’

A CD of songs from this delightful performance is available to buy from our reception.