Maths Day – Summer 2019




Maths Day at Essex Primary School is all about promoting a love of maths and enabling children to see maths as a practical and fun subject where to process of solving a problem can be as important as the solution itself.



In order to embrace geometry, we held a maths competition based on geometric shapes. The children focused on the artwork of the abstract Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They were given examples of his work and were asked to create their own version based on creating art work of geometric shapes. We encouraged the children to discuss with their parents/carers the language of the shapes that they were creating. We had some amazing entries and selected a winner from each year group. We also insisted that at least one of each year group’s four activities was based on geometry with an emphasis on the use and understanding of vocabulary and problem solving.





The children got their teeth into problem solving, which is at the heart of the maths curriculum and we presented pupils with activities that they would really need to engage in problem solving. The children working collaboratively is also important. Therefore, the children took part in solving murder mysteries where they were tasked with solving number calculations in order to reveal clues. Children then used their statistical skills to analyse data and graphs to decide who was the murderer. The activities required children to use strategies like trial and improvement and working systematically to exhaust all possibilities.

Overall, the children all learnt or further enhanced many mathematical skills during maths day, while also having fun in the process.