Music Project- ’Journey to Greatness’

On Friday 18th October 2019, Year 4 laid on a magnificent performance, celebrating Black History Month, for parents and guests. During October, Year 4 had been working closely with three musicians to produce a fantastic musical performance based on the life of Walter Tull.


This hero and war veteran was the first black officer in the British Army. He also fought and died for his country during World War 1. Prior to joining the army, Walter loved football and became the second black footballer to play in the Premier League. However, he endured racists taunts when trying to play, which sadly curtailed his career. Nonetheless, he always tried to battle on defiantly and it was that kind of quality that contributed to him being the hero he became.

The music project enabled the children to develop their historical research skills and musical abilities through performance, listening and singing. From the outset, the children were all fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One child said, “We will always remember Walter Tull as a hero.”

The Year 4 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to perform alongside experienced, professional musicians whilst enacting this thought-provoking story. They did us proud with their confidence and flair, owning the stage and demonstrating that with support and direction, they can excel. Well done Year 4, you did the school and your family proud!