Remembrance Ceremony 2017 (Poem)

Essex Primary School were honoured to be invited to the Manor Park Remembrance Ceremony by Salim Patel, Lead Councillor for Manor Park and East Ham Community Neighbourhoods.

Four children from Year Five composed this moving poem together and read it at the ceremony.



I died the second I set foot on the bloody beach
I died from the scorching metal of the murderous shells
I died drowning in the mud, feet rotting like old, weak apples
I died in the dreadful shower of bullets that rained down
We died in the trenches of Passchendaele.

Squelching through heavy mud
Scared. Wet. Petrified. Courageous.
The thunderous gun
Volcanic explosions
Cutting hot metal into my heart.
Seeing my fellow soldiers and friends

Coldly cut to quarters,
Seeing their precious, great sacrifices

Crimson poppies
Pinned on our hearts
Waving to the soldiers in the breeze from the fields.

A sudden bright breakthrough of sun.