Shakespeare Rocks!

Shakespeare Rocks!

Y6 Summer Performance 2016

The Year Six summer performance was an enthusiastic and celebratory romp through the life of the great English playwright, William Shakespeare.

The whole Y6 cohort took part, singing, dancing and rapping their way through a (mostly) accurate biography of The Bard, from his 1564 birth in Stratford-upon-Avon to his death in 1616.

From his first success as a playwright to the building of the Globe Theatre, each highlight of Shakespeare’s career was played out for us in great style. Impeccably timed puns and silly slapstick were the order of the day, as Romeo and Juliet, the Witches from Macbeth and even Queen Elizabeth I appeared to amuse and entertain the audience.

Our cast performed a matinee for their fellow pupils, and then gave an evening performance for family, friends, and members of the local community. This was a fantastic event, with over a hundred audience members laughing and singing along with our wonderful cast.

We are always sorry to see the Year Six pupils leave, although we are excited for them to being their new adventure in secondary school; however, this year’s performance means we will not be forgetting any of these wonderful actors and singers any time soon!