Speech-making Festival – 29th November 2019



The following report was written by Miss Rasul:

After 6 weeks of coaching and training 18 children in the art of speech-making, the day of the competition finally arrived, November 29th 2019.

All 18 children attended with our two finalists ready with their speeches: one famous speech and one original speech. Mahid from Year 6, with his famous speech, which was written and performed originally by Prince EA, this was entitled: ‘Dear Future Generations’ and the topic for our written speech was ‘What We Must Always Remember’ written by both Ameena and Ayman in Year 6.

Mahid had a month to practice his speech as this was the first speech I had introduced to the children. I allowed them the opportunity to listen to Prince EA perform on online and be inspired by how he chose to perform it in spoken word and the power of the words spoken.  Meanwhile, all of the children had been writing their own speeches for the original speech category. 

The final two speeches were chosen by myself (Miss Rasul) and merged together to make our final speech, Ameena memorised this over the weekend!  The following Friday was the competition day and the children were pumped with adrenaline and ready to go.  Straight before his speech, Mahid was asking if he could walk down the stage, I simply replied that the stage was his and he could do as he wished, as long as he felt comfortable and it fitted the speech.  He took to the stage and I could see that he was full of energy he owned the stage!  The crowd was silent and there was a buzz around the room straight afterwards. Mahid returned confidently knowing that he had performed well! Next up – Ameena – she spoke with confidence and authority.  She was relieved it was finally all over.

The judges spoke highly of the winners of the famous speech and claimed that they had been blown away by the level of confidence and that they thought he had performed better than some professionals.   It was finally announced that Mahid had won his category for Essex Primary School out of seven schools overall: Essex, Star, Nelson, Elmhurst, Holy Trinity, Hallsville and Keir Hardie.  Ameena was declared in the runners up for her category.   We walked away with a trophy and two medals! Well done Essex Primary!