The Brilliant Club graduated at Goldsmiths University

On Wednesday 12th February 2020, the Year 6 Brilliant Club attended Goldsmiths University for their Graduation Ceremony.

During the past term, the Brilliant Club pupils have been taking part in a Scholars Programme which began and ended with a visit to a highly-selective university. Experiencing the intellectual and physical environment of university was a key part of the Scholars Programme which provided pupils with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition needed to be successful on the programme.

The 12 pupils worked closely with a PhD Tutor in a series of university-style tutorials to study ‘Art’. Throughout the term they completed independent tasks which led them to write an extended final assignment that has challenged them to work above their current key stage.

On the visit, the pupils were treated to an informative and engaging tour around the university which was led by a university ambassador. They also took part in a reflection session where they discussed their development in the Scholars Programme. They all felt that they had gained many valuable skills such as essay writing skills, communication skills and they were now able to confidently articulate their ideas.  Additionally, they had gained knowledge of a specific area. Finally, the year 6 pupils felt inspired and want to pursue higher education in their future.

The Graduation Ceremony took place in a lecture hall. To celebrate their achievement it started off with many words of wisdom from students who took part in the programme. They were all awarded a wonderful certificate in front of a large audience. It was a very honoured moment for everyone who took part in this process. The children could not stop smiling throughout the day.

Well done to all the twelve members of the Brilliant Club, we are all proud of you!

We have every faith that in 10 years’ time, they will complete their higher education and officially graduate from a top university.