Year 2 Visit to East London Mosque

On the 5th/6th of February, the Year 2 classes were given the opportunity to visit Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque on Upton Lane.

They learned about the five pillars of Islam and what these mean for Muslims. They visited the washrooms where they learned about wudhu, the ablution performed by worshippers before praying.

Inside the prayer hall, they were able to see some of the features of a mosque up close, such as the five clocks showing the times of the daily prayers and the minbar, where the Imam leads prayers and gives speeches from.

They were quizzed about all that they had learned and one child was fortunate enough to speak into the microphone that is normally used to stream live sermons directly into local residents’ homes!

Finally they had the opportunity to ask the Imam questions that they had generated during a previous R.E. lesson, which the Imam was happy to answer.

The visit enabled the children to see first-hand the features that they had been learning about in their R.E. lessons and as a result they will be able to write about this in their R.E. books. All the children behaved impeccably during the visit, both during the bus journey and while at the mosque, demonstrating that they are true ambassadors for Essex Primary.