Year 4 Albany Theatre visit – Deptford


On the 20th of November, Year 4 had a lovely day, filled with theatrical performance and entertainment by the acclaimed vocalist Randolph Matthews and his ensemble. He is a musician that worked with the children during the Black History music project in Autumn 1.

The children were treated to a dynamic, modern composition that was centred on the heroic life of WW1 soldier Lieutenant Walter Tull; a soldier who fought during the Great War becoming not only the first British-born black army officer but also the first black officer to lead white British troops into battle.

The work was a music inspired ode dedicated to Tull’s life story, beginning with his childhood in Folkestone and success as a professional footballer right up to his courageous displays of valour in World War One.

The children enjoyed the breath-taking vocals and the performance. They participated in the celebration of courage and one man’s resolve to live as an equal within society.

As well as this the children were invited on stage to participate in the performance. They came away from the show with a positive message of never giving up, facing and fighting adversity. It was great that the closing song was one that the children performed during the music project earlier this year; it was full of vitality enthusiasm and movement which the children thoroughly enjoyed.