Year 6 visit Cambridge

Year 6 had an amazing week visiting Cambridge for a tour around this inspiring city – raising their aspirations for their own future education. All of the Year 6 children were treated to an informative and engaging tour around some of the highlights of this historical place and learn about its history from our wonderful tour guide, Angela. The children were told tales of the Kings who built King’s Chapel, of the Nightclimbers who continue to play pranks, and the story of how Cambridge University came to exist. They got to see the River Cam, Stephen Hawking’s university college, the Corpu Christi clock and some of the children were even lucky enough to listen to the angelic sounds of a Norwegian choir in St Stephen’s Church – they were mind-blowing!



As well as all of this, two hours were spent in the Museum of Classical Archaeology learning more about the history of Ancient Greece (our topic this term). There were stories of gruesome Greeks and heroic heroines, alongside some replicas of the oldest statues in the world.

Despite the rain on one day, the children came away inspired, and eager, to work hard to be able to attend such a prestigious university in their futures.