The governing body has an important part to play in raising school standards through its three key roles:

  • Setting strategic direction
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Monitoring and evaluating school performances

The governing body meets twice a term to work with the head teacher and staff to set targets for the school and to oversee the running of the school. Governors are ultimately legally responsible for ensuring the school is run efficiently and legally. We are happy to report that the school continues to improve as is shown in our results and from school inspections.

Register of Pecuniary Interest (2022-23)

All governors are asked to complete a declaration of pecuniary and related business interests. The register is reviewed annually and Governors are asked to sign an up to date declaration. The table below shows any business interests declared by the Governors, their terms of office and their attendance for Full Governing Body Meetings and Committee Meetings.


Please see below for details of attendance at meetings (first meeting will take place on after the 20th September 2022).


Governor’s Attendance

Governor Name Position Governor Type Term of Office

End date

Declared Interests No. of meetings attended


Mrs Cecilia Mojzes Executive Head Teacher (Member); NPW Authorised Representative Head


Mr Rick Probett


Chair; Governors’ Training Link;NPW Authorised representative;Manor Park Soft Fed; Authority Governor 30/08/2023 None

Mrs Amber Ilyas


Associate Head Teacher Co-opted Governor 17/03/2023 None
Mr Russell Shaikh Vice Chair,

Safeguarding, CP

Co-opted Governor 17/03/2023 None
Mr Deepak Vyas NPW Delegated Attendee Co-opted Governor 17/03/2023 None
Mr Christopher Achiampong Mathematics Co-opted Governor 17/11/2023 None
Mr Bishwajit Bal Parent Govenor 04/12/2024 None
Joshua Butt Co-opted Governor 17/02/2026 None
Tom Alexander Co-opted Governor 17/05/2026 None
Mrs Saliha Kapadia Parent


08/02/2026 None
Ms Brenda James Staff




Finance & Personnel Committee
Name No. of meetings attended during 22-23
Mr Deepak Vyas (Chair)
Mr Rick Probett
Mr Christopher Achiampong
Mrs Cecilia Mojzes
Mrs Amber Ilyas


Safeguarding and Health & Safety Committee
Name No. of meetings attended during 22-23
Mr Russell Shaikh (Chair)
Mr Bishwajit Bal
Mrs Cecilia Mojzes
Mrs Saliha Kapadia


Data & Curriculum Committee
Name No. of meetings attended during 22-23
Mr Rick Probett (Chair)
Mrs Amber Ilyas
Mr Christopher Achiampong
Mrs Joshua Butt

Governor’s Attendance for previous academic years

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