Starting school for the first time:

In Newham, children start primary school (Reception) in the school year during which they have their fifth birthday. Entry is in September.

The London Borough of Newham is the Admission Authority for our school who organise all admissions centrally. Pupils are admitted to the school in line with the London Borough of Newham Admissions Policy. Application forms are available online or through contacting the council on 020 8430 2000.




Admission for entry from September 2020 




Reception admission for entry from September 2020
(For full guidance please read Starting Primary School.)




Primary to secondary transition for entry from September 2020 (for 2019/20 year 6’s)
(For full guidance please read Starting Secondary School .)

We recommend you use the Newham School Finder tool to determine the location of your preferred Newham schools and calculate home to school distances.




Useful links for all schools admissions

LB Newham School Fact Finder
Ace Education – Independent Advice for Parents and Carers

Nursery Admissions

We accept applications for the Nursery waiting list from your child’s second birthday. Please contact the school for further information.

Please note that a place in our nursery will not gain automatic entry into our school (Reception). We will inform Nursery parents when to apply for a place in Reception.