Our Curriculum

Our bespoke curriculum is designed to create multiple experiences that connect knowledge, skills and concepts, across the different subject areas, through themes that inspire and engender creativity, character and academic achievement. Our unique curriculum draws upon pupils’ varied experiences and cultural backgrounds, while ensuring that the National Curriculum is taught effectively.

A high quality education at Essex supports pupils to become knowledgeable 21st century global citizens who can:

  • Aim high and know that life’s possibilities are limitless
  • Show empathy, understanding and respect for their own and others’ identity, cultures, beliefs, human rights and the environment
  • Work in a team, learning from and contributing to the growth and well-being of others
  • Express themselves, their views, feelings, needs and opinions fluently, imaginatively, grammatically and from a position of knowledge
  • Explore and investigate the theories, creativity, methods, systems, materials and inventions that underpin our understanding of the past, present and future world, universe and creation
  • Use technology & digital tools to think critically, problem solve, deepen understanding, and create new knowledge in the world
  • Understand and be actively involved in addressing issues of human and environmental sustainability.