ASD Resourced Provision

Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are fully welcomed into the mainstream classes, where they enjoy access to the wider curriculum according to their needs and abilities.

Essex Primary is also proud to be able to support children whose needs are more complex, thanks to our dedicated Resourced Provision.

Our dedicated RP teachers work closely with parents/carers to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to help manage the complexities of autism as well as they can.

The RP itself comprises a soft play area (where children can safely explore their physical ranges), a sensory room, trampoline, a swing and sensory garden.

Please visit the Learning in the Resourced Provision to read more about our facilities.


Please see the feedback below from both Ofsted and our IQM

Outstanding Ofsted – April 2019

Ofsted looked at a variety of interventions and group sessions, spoke to members of the SEND team, and examined data, our practices and provision (Resource Provision and mainstream).

Statements relating to SEND in the Ofsted Report include:

“Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) receive excellent support. Leaders’ oversight and provision for pupils with complex needs is first-rate; these pupils are fully included in school life.”

“Pupils with SEND, including in the additional resource provision, make excellent progress. Their needs are very well met by knowledgeable adults who are committed to inclusion in their school.”


Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM)

In April 2020, we had our annual inspection for our Inclusion Quality Mark. We retained our Gold Flagship Status, the highest possible award in this field.

Our IQM Report states:

“Since the last IQM Flagship review, the developments at Essex Primary School were exceptional to see.”

“The high expectations prevail in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere where leaders, staff and pupils can take calculated risks to address the need of every pupil. Research leads their practice to ensure outstanding outcomes for all.”

“The care and dedication as well as the high expectations for pupils is truly outstanding.”

“They research best practice as well as use in school data to assess the needs of individual pupils as well as groups of pupils. The carefully thought out timetable for interventions shows how they value every pupil whatever their need.”

“It is due to the inspirational leadership and staff collaboration that so much has been achieved in the last year not only in terms of the IQM Flagship Project, but also in terms of the other exciting activities that have taken place.”

“The solid foundations that have been embedded in such an outstanding inclusive environment ensure the on-going and future success of all pupils.”