School Clubs

At Essex Primary School we offer a variety of clubs for pupils across the school.

Our Before School Club runs every school day, starting at 8:00am until the beginning of the school day. In this club, children have fruit and juice then take part in fun activities to get them ready for the school day. This club costs £1.50 to attend.

Our other clubs enrich the curriculum and enhance the physical, social and academic development of our pupils.

Please see the table below for the clubs that are running in the current term.


School ClubsAutumn 1 Term 2022

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School Club 8:00-8:45

Year 1&2: Football

Year 3&4: Table Tennis

After School Club 3:30-4:30

KS1: Gymnastics

Year 3&4: Hockey

Year 5&6: Girls Football

Before School Club 8:00-8:45

Year 1&2: Netball

Year 3&4: Handball

After School Club 


KS1: Hockey

Year 3&4: Multi-skills

KS2:  Dance

Before School Club 8:00-8:45

Year 3&4: Netball

Year 5&6:Handball

After School Club 3:30-4:30

KS1: Multi-skills

Year 3&4:Football Year 5&6:Netball

Before School Club 8:00-8:45

Years 1&2: Handball

Year 5&6: Football

After School Club 


KS1: Dance

Year 3&4: Girls Football

Year 5&6: Multi-skills

Before School Club 8:00-8:45

Year 5&6: Table Tennis

Years 5&6:

Competition Football   

After School Club 3:30-4:30

KS1:Girls Football

KS2: Gymnastics

Year 5&6: Hockey

When a new club becomes available, parents/carers will be notified by School Ping. Please use this service to get a space for your child. Once accepted, pupils are expected to show commitment through regular attendance.

If you want a club for your child after the submission deadline, please do not approach teachers or sports coaches about club spaces. We kindly ask that you go to the school office and they will advise you. Thank you.

In the event that a club is cancelled/rescheduled, pupils and parents will be informed.