SEND and Inclusion

Inclusive Learning

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Special Educational Needs and Disabillity

At Essex Primary school we fully support Newham Council’s policy on Inclusive Education, which encourages all children to work together in the same type of school. Since 2013, our school has been pleased to offer a dedicated Resourced Provision for children identified to be at the lower end of the autistic spectrum.

We take pride in giving children identified as having special educational needs the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability. This means our children have access to a varied curriculum that meets their individual needs.

When children have speech and language difficulties, learning difficulties, or sensory or physical difficulties, we may consider referring for external assessment and advice. The professionals we use include educational psychologists; occupational therapists; speech and language therapists; physiotherapists and specialist teachers for sensory impairments.

Inclusion award

Essex Primary School has received the Inclusion Quality Mark for a number of years, and is now the proud recipient of Flagship Status for Inclusion.

This recognises that our staff provides disadvantaged children with a good start in life, and prepares them well for secondary school. Our disadvantaged pupils have been making outstanding progress since 2011.

Please see our letter from David Law, the Minister of State School congratulating us on our achievements in the ‘Achievement’ section of our website.

Gifted and Talented

We endeavour to help all our pupils develop their personalities, skills and abilities, but Essex Primary School is further committed to providing a stimulating environment in which Gifted and Talented pupils can maximise their potential.

These pupils participate in a wide range of enriching opportunities:

  • Brilliant Club (supported by The University of Cambridge)
  • Saturday School
  • Newham Spelling Bee
  • Newham Oracy Festival,
  • Newham Speechmaking
  • Newham Debate Club
  • Sports and Games after-school clubs

In addition, Essex Primary takes Year 6 pupils to visit The University of Cambridge. These visits are designed to be motivational as well as aspirational, as the children are encouraged to think about their futures once they move up to secondary school.

Equal Opportunities

At Essex Primary School we firmly believe in the equality of all, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, class or ability. All pupils have equal access to the curriculum, so that each child has the opportunity to learn and achieve.

We strive to create an environment that reflects the local community, and work hard to make sure the whole ethos of the school promotes tolerance, understanding and the well-being of all.

In practice, this means that Essex Primary School makes positive actions in a number of key areas:

  • Challenge stereotypes, myths and bias
  • Discuss values and prejudices
  • Present positive images
  • Give pupils access to diverse historical narratives
  • Ensure the suitability of resources

Religious Education and Collective Worship

Our Religious Education curriculum is taken from Newham’s Agreed Syllabus, which has been approved by Newham Council, local teachers and representatives of all major local faiths and denominations.

The curriculum is wide-ranging, inclusive and stimulating, and ensures that our pupils gain a deeper understanding of the world’s religions