Online Safety

Information for Parents

Today’s children have access to a wide range of internet-enabled devices, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. These may belong to the child, to their family members or friends.

We take child safety very seriously at Essex Primary School, and recognise that children need instruction in the safe and responsible use of such devices.

We believe that when children are using the internet, whether for research, gaming or to send instant messages, they should be doing so in a responsible manner with knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe.

When we teach online safety, we cover the following subjects:

  • safer online communication
  • online bullying: how to recognise and report it
  • how to protect privacy and personal details
  • UK copyright laws and restrictions.

However, as many children will be accessing the internet outside of school hours, we need you to work with us.

There are a number of ways you can support the school’s online safety instruction:

  • talk to your child about how and when they access the internet
  • be aware of the risks of using the internet and how to limit them
  • monitor your children’s use of websites, apps and games.
  • ensure your child only accesses age-appropriate sites and platforms
  • encourage your child to think before they post
  • show your child how to protect their personal information
  • talk to your child about how their digital footprint could affect their future.

Please follow the links below for more information, advice and ideas about keeping your child safe online.

Useful links

Please click the ‘internet matters’ icon/picture below to gain access to information about keeping children safe online.

Please click the ‘parent info’ icon/picture below to gain access to information and support for parents using the internet with their children.

Please click the ‘Think U Know’ icon/picture below to gain access to education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Please click the ‘UK Safer Internet Centre’ icon/picture below to gain access to resources and advice for parents who need support in keeping their children technologically safe.