Pupil Leadership

School Council

Being elected onto the Essex Primary School Council is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their communication skills and understand how to represent their classes, taking on an important responsibility and having a voice that represents their fellow peers.

In a democratic fashion, classes voted for their class representative. They have the privileged position to voice any visions and ideas that their classmates have to further improve their school. These discussions will take place in monthly meetings with all reps present, chaired by Mr Parker.

Year Group Class Main Representative Deputy
1 Bumblebee Maryam Ranveer
Beetle Hana Prathilan
Butterfly Sara Jannatul
Moth Mohamed Zayn Muntahina
2 Anaconda Ayla Kang Ezzekiel Drummond
Tortoise Qasim Aaizah
Crocodile Dua Aaryan
Gecko Shafee-ah Raihan
3 Vendace Zainab Farzeen
Lamprey Khadijah Arissa
Bluefin Zoya.F Desiree
Hallibut Hajrah Baheen
4 Kiwi Ibrahim S Navneet
Nightingale Aniyah Umar Badin
Grebe Aalia Shayaan
Puffin Casian Shaniya
5 Baobab Aasim Haider
Redwood Ridwan Ibrahim Zaynah Mussa
Chestnut Yusuf Marwa
Maindenhair Jhanavi Eesa Ali
6 Orchid Sameera Khaliq Selman Polici
Helleborine Ryan Subash Chandar Olivia Mindo
Clary Maria Aymaanuddin
Wintergreen Ayman Nusaybah

Our meetings always conjure up fantastic, innovative ideas to further enhance positive change within our Outstanding school. Pupils involvement is crucial and they are always at the forefront when trying to make improvements.

These included ideas of safer, interactive changes to the playground, activities to play in the playground at playtime and lunchtime, ways to improve the environment by growing and planting and opinions of the choice of food on our lunch menu.

Pupils are not only encouraged to discuss ideas with their classes, but to come up with solutions on how to address these issues. So far all pupils have been very enthusiastic and keen to do their best in the role. 


The school council always have ample opportunity to flourish in their role by attending various important events, such as the Remembrance day event, pictured with Stephen Timms MP and fellow Councillors.







The School Council has made a great start to the new year and have lots of fantastic ideas, so let’s see if we can make a difference!