On this page, staff can access a number of different services that can support you for a variety of things. There are services listed on this page that can help support you with mental health, finance, housing and bereavement. Please use these services when you need them.


Support with:

Information and links:


This site gives professionals useful information in regards to developing a healthy mindset. This site has resources for mindfulness activities, meditation and advice to think positively.

This site gives information on developing good mental health. There are really good articles which focus on how individuals have dealt with challenging times. There is advice on how to live healthily, on how to develop good relationships with family, friends and colleagues. The site looks at how we should build healthy boundaries to have a good work life balance. Finally there are some really good resources on mindfulness.

This site is a charity which gives advice on how to promote good mental health. There is an option for individuals to explore their mental health. This option provides professionals with podcast, articles, blogs and stories. There is also an opportunity to join the organisation, where they have a list of events and fundraising challenges.

This site provides individuals with advice on how to promote well being. There is advice on how to deal with challenging times and self help strategies. There is a list of mental health services.

This site gives advice for individuals who are managing difficult situations or are having challenging matters at work. This website will assist colleagues in getting the best out of their working relationships whilst learning to set boundaries. The employment advice service has qualified counsellors who are available at anytime to support staff.


Schools Advisory Service (SAS)

This site is a school specific provider that has extensive Health & Wellbeing Support Services designed to help support the overall wellbeing of staff in schools.


School Psychotherapist

Staff, please remember that we have our School Psychotherapist on site. He is more than happy to have a chat. Just email him and he will get back to you.


This site provides education staff with financial support. Therefore for those who are experiencing challenging circumstances in terms of bills and living cost this is a good resource to use. 


This site provides rented accommodation for people in housing need, particularly those associated with education.

This site provides teachers with an opportunity to buy affordable housing within their salary.

This site provides teachers with the information on the different schemes that teachers can use to invest in property. 



This site provides staff within Tower Hamlets, Newham dnd Redbridge support. Within this provision there are talking therapies where you can speak to a qualified therapist about your situation. Talking therapies are also a good tool for those who have experienced bereavement.

This site provides those who have experienced bereavement a list of support agencies.