Bruges Visit

During the pupils’ visit to Bruges, they had many enriching experiences exploring the city’s cultural and culinary delights. The visit to the Chocolate Museum allowed them to learn more about the fascinating history and craftsmanship behind Belgium’s world-renowned chocolates. They were already very knowledgeable about the process from bean to bar, having completed their own explanation texts about the making of chocolate during the Autumn term when they were learning about Fair Trade.

At the Frietmuseum, they discovered the intriguing story behind the country’s love for fries. A canal boat ride provided a picturesque view of Bruges’ charming canals, showcasing the city’s architectural beauty. The History Museum offered a glimpse into the rich past of Bruges, with its captivating artefacts and exhibits. Pupils indulged in delicious waffles, savouring the sweet treats that Belgium is famous for. Lastly, they enjoyed shopping, exploring the quaint boutiques and local markets. Throughout the visit, pupils demonstrated excellent behaviour, showing respect and enthusiasm for the city and its offerings. The exemplary conduct of most pupils added to the overall enjoyment of the visit, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.