Commonwealth Choir

Commonwealth Day – The Guard’s Chapel

This week, pupils of the Commonwealth Choir and Orchestra rehearsed, performed and recorded three songs at different events in central London.  On Monday, the company performed at the prestigious Guard’s Chapel, opposite St. James’ Park and close to Buckingham Palace.  This was part of Commonwealth Day, and our children were excited to be joined by other schools from across Newham whilst being accompanied by the Grenadier Guards (based at the Wellington Barracks).  One of the pupils commented that he enjoyed singing the Commonwealth songs and meeting the band. Another pupil said, “It was good singing and hearing the pitch and dynamics change; I also enjoyed this experience as we got to bond with other schools.”

St. Paul’s Church Knightsbridge – The Recording 

Following the previous amazing day, four children had a further opportunity to attend another Commonwealth event at St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge.  This enriched their lives through the opportunity to record three songs in conjunction with other schools. They all sang tunefully and listened to the musical directions given by the conductor.  It was magical to see pupils’ faces light up as they performed in such a magnificent religious setting; their voices reverberated and sounded angelic, harmonious, and rhythmic.  One pupil said the recording made her proud because she had never experienced that before.  As music is an integral part of the curriculum, it is a privilege to have enabled the children to experience this unique musical opportunity.