Snaresbrook Crown Court


On Wednesday 6th March, 2023, our thoroughly responsible KS2 School Council reps and Rights Respecting Ambassadors went on an intriguing visit to Snaresbrook Crown Court. They were lucky enough to be able to immerse themselves into an actual courtroom, where they flawlessly reenacted a real life cyberbullying court case. They were able to delve into the world of the law and gain a greater understanding of the judicial process. We were fortunate to be unexpectedly visited by two honourable Crown Court judges, who answered an array of thought-provoking questions posed by our children. 

The experience gave our children ample opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills, learn how they could make a career in law and gain an understanding of how certain actions on the internet could result in custodial punishment. This is key information they will share with their peers.