Dying Matters Week – 10th May 2021

Dying Matters Week

This week, we joined in with the Dying Matters Movement taking place from 10th-16th May. The purpose of this movement is to normalise resident, staff and partner organisations’ openness around death, dying and bereavement. We want to provide an open forum for pupils to have discussions about death and bereavement in a safe and welcoming environment. We shared a range of texts about loss and designed colourful and creative tealight coasters. Children across Essex Primary have really showcased their artistic skills!

On Friday, all pupils will have an opportunity to take their coasters and tea lights home. We would like to encourage our pupils of Essex to have a moment of thought to remember loved ones who may have died during the pandemic. Please follow all safety precautions and ensure that your child is supervised should you wish to light the candle.

Everyone had a great time designing their coasters and talked about the impact of Dying Matters Week. Have a look at all of the work that was completed.


“My grandad is my favourite person. He used to look after me when I was a baby. I miss him.” Dathan NK a.m.


Year 1

“This helped me remember the people who have died.” Dylan 1A


Year 2


Year 4

“I think it was fun because we were able to reflect on the past year.” Saira 4I.


Year 6 pupil voice

“The Memory Tree was extremely touching and it is based on real life experiences.” Muhammed Yusuf.


“I can relate to the book because lots of people lost their lives due to Covid-19.”  Zoya Patel.

“People are going to die and that is part of life. The best thing to do is accept their choice and remember the good things about them.”  Nour Demagh.