Autism Awareness Day – 1st April 2021

Autism Awareness Day


The week began with a special assembly raising awareness of Autism.  Did you know, one in 100 children are autistic and without the right support, school can be a confusing and difficult place?  Sadly,  80% of young people with autism experience mental health issues which is why we think it is so important for us to help our pupils understand and not be frightened by this condition. 


During the assembly, one of our parents  spoke to the children of her hopes for her autistic son to make friends and enjoy a happy school life at Essex.  


Pupils from across the school shared what they had learnt about autism through having a member of their class with this condition.  

Then on Tuesday, we dressed in blue to celebrate the differences  that make Essex such a vibrant, positive, exciting and tolerant community. During the week, children took part in activities in their classrooms and explored the idea of difference: how we are all different, but, at the same time, there is much that makes us the same.  Through the discussions and activities, children developed an understanding of differing needs and how their understanding and kindness can make a difference to another child.


Following the unit Valuing Differences, Mumina in 6I reminds us:

“Every person has their own dreams to achieve. We should be supportive of this no matter what.”



To consolidate pupils’ understanding of valuing differences, pupils created these stunning pieces of work.

Jarin in 5P created this wonderful poster exemplifying Essex’s commitment to valuing all people.





Year 6 children were creating poetry to raise awareness of autism. 



In year 4 children made autism jigsaw puzzles.



In Reception, the children discussed how we are all different. Some children were able to say what they thought autism was.  `It’s when you can’t say what you want` said Pavitt `Sometimes children can’t sit at carpet time` said Arobi.  ‘I see some children rocking’ said Aspen. Everyone is different and it’s good to have lots of different children in our school. `It makes it fun,’ said Suha.  ‘We must respect each other’ said Esa 

The children made Easter eggs and decorated them. Each one was different to represent the colourful diversity around our entire school.