Fairplay House Day Visit for Pupils with SEND

On Thursday 9th June, some of our pupils with SEND went on a day visit to Fairplay House, an Outdoor Activity centre in Essex owned by Newham. Many of the pupils understood they were going on a visit and were very excited. We travelled by school minibus, arriving at Fairplay House at 10:30am in the glorious sunshine. We were greeted by the instructors, who took us to one of the classrooms for us to leave our belongings as there was another school staying there for their residential visit. After putting on some safety helmets, we headed down to the low ropes course.

The pupils were very excited by the course and were able to demonstrate some independence when exploring how to navigate their way around.

After completing the low ropes course we headed to the equipment store where we all put on safety harnesses. All the pupils were good at following the instructions and trying to help


Once securely in harnesses we walked over to the zip wire. The pupils couldn’t wait to climb the stairs to the top of the tower, ready to have their go. Everyone succeeded in enjoying their turn down the zip wire, with many smiling faces at the bottom. Sahir even requested another go! They challenged themselves and amazed us with their resilience and “have a go” attitude.


After the zip wire we wandered back up to the house, removing our harnesses and helmets before lunch. After a very busy morning all the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their packed lunches.

After lunch, Pete and Jane (the instructors) assisted them on the high ropes course, but encouraged them to have a go on their own. They carefully watched their feet and hands as they were able to navigate the course with little assistance. Some stand out superstars of Raafi, Sarvasthy and Abdul Rahman definitely emerged the victors.



With high ropes complete, we made our way back up to the house, removing our harnesses and helmets before getting ready to return back to school.



It was an absolute pleasure to take these pupils to Fairplay house and see how much they blossomed throughout the day. The instructors were very impressed with them and with what they had achieved. The smiles on their faces in the sunshine speaks a thousand words. Well done to every single pupil that came and gave it their all. This was an amazing day and a huge success!