Maths Day 2023

This week was Maths Week London and the pupils at Essex celebrated with a fun-filled day of maths activities around the themes of Sustainability and Maths in Art. The day began with a whole-school assembly during which, pupils used their ‘maths eyes’ to look for the maths in a range of images, instilling in them that maths is all around us. After assembly, pupils were invited to solve real-life problems around how to make our planet more sustainable. They were able to utilise a range of mathematical, problem-solving, investigative and team-working skills in order to solve a given problem such as how to conserve energy, how to reduce our carbon footprint and how to harvest rainwater so it’s not wasted.

In the afternoon, they discovered how maths is often used to create beautiful pieces of artwork by creating their own maths-based artwork. The concepts used included 2D shapes, tessellation, symmetry, protractors, the spiral of Theodorus and Archimedes’ constant, pi.