Music Master Class

On Wednesday, pupils participated in a Music Masterclass delivered by celebrated world class musicians who were also in London to perform in a sell out concert later in the week.  Omar Puente is a Cuban violinist known worldwide for both classical and jazz performances and pupils were amazed to hear him switch effortlessly from Vivaldi’s Spring to the sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club.  He was joined by musicians from the Alex Wilson Quartet; Alex has been involved in many music projects at Essex in the past as well as composing for film and performing worldwide with various artists.  It was a very inspiring and engaging session during which pupils were introduced to a range of percussion instruments by the percussionist, Edwin Sanz, and were challenged to add to his drum pulse using their bodies as instruments, stomping and clapping and adding movement to his latin beats.  Some were lucky enough to be chosen to conduct their groups.  During their sessions, pupils asked some insightful questions and found out where some of the music originated from including the unusual bass played by Greek musician, Dimitri Christopoulous.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed in equal measure by staff and pupils whom we hope will be inspired by the musicians’ stories to follow their own journeys of musical discovery.