Year 3 Music Performance for Refugee Week


For their music project, pupils in year 3 have been working with specialist musicians, drama and dance coaches to create their own creative interpretation of what compassion looks like. They have explored how the rights of many adults and children are impacted when their own countries face war, disaster, famine and poverty or when they face persecution and discrimination.

Compassion is a theme close to all of us as the last few years have been challenging in so many ways because of Covid, the cost of living rises and war in Ukraine. All of us have shown or benefited by compassion in our lives.

We all possess the humanity to show compassion not just to those in our immediate family and community but to all people across our one shared home, planet Earth.

The year 3 project ‘The Journey’ follows a Syrian family coming to terms with having to make the decision to leave war-torn Syria, their home and make the perilous journey across frontiers and oceans to a safer country where they cannot speak the language and do not understand the rules.

Compassion is seen at the end of the production with the family’s journey to the UK where they reach safety. The local community reaches out and shows them the way, helping them find food, shelter and warmth. There is a happy ending; the family settle in UK and then exchange letters with their
grandparents who made the difficult decision to stay in Syria because they were too old, frail and ill to take
this journey.

Today, the year 3 pupils showcased their amazing performance and singing talents which presented the theme fantastically well, making us all very proud. Their parents and the entire audience were mesmerised by what they witnessed and it has been a wonderful experience, which will be remembered by all. Thank you to the teachers, support team, musicians, and performance
production team.