Year 5 Black History Month Music Project: Saluting Our Sisters

Over the last two weeks, pupils in year 5 have taken part in a music project celebrating Black History Month.  The theme this year is entitled ‘Saluting Our Sisters’.  The performance encompassed many of the arts such as dance, singing, poetry and drama.  It has been a privilege to witness pupils’ readiness to embrace this experience and they have all been fully engaged.  Well done to them all!  Through music and dance, they have enjoyed the opportunities to work alongside professional musicians and performers.  

The show focused on four key women who have made significant advancements in the fields of science,  politics, sport and policing: Dr. Margaret Aderin-Pocock, Baroness Amos, Serena Williams and Dr Alison Heydari respectively.  The audience were treated to a variety of dances and a special finale song that was composed by the year 5 pupils. Pupils practised hard and did themselves proud! They succeeded in portraying the message that all females, no respective of their background, colour or religion, can achieve whatever they set their mind to as long as they believe in themselves and their abilities as well as working hard.  

One pupil commented: “I didn’t know what it was at the start but as the days have gone on I have learnt more about black women and their achievements. I have enjoyed learning my lines as an interviewer as I’ve always wanted to be in a play. I have also enjoyed singing and dancing. It has been a fun two weeks!”