Commonwealth Events: St Paul’s KnightsBridge and Spencer House

Children from Years 5 and 6 attended two Commonwealth Events this week in the heart of London.  On Wednesday, the children attended a dress rehearsal at the very prestigious St. Paul’s Knightsbridge Church. The actual performance was held at Spencer House, one of the Royal Houses situated in close proximity to Buckingham Palace and the magnificent grounds of Green Park.  The children rehearsed and performed  with a double string quartet  where they further enhanced their listening and performance skills.  In addition, they cultivated and harmonised the interrelated dimensions of music with specific emphasis on tempo, dynamics, tone, duration, and rhythm. What an absolute magical sound!  

The spectacular performance on Thursday evening, at Spencer House, was performed in the presence of ‘The Princess Royal’ (Princess Anne) as well as members of the local and school communities. What an amazing opportunity and experience for our children; memories to be cherished forever!  

One child commented, “I am so proud that Princess Anne was clapping, and she smiled at me.  It was lovely to sing in such a wonderful place that had magnificent paintings on the walls and ceilings.”

Another expressed her view that  after the first song had finished, Princess Anne said with a face showing delight and happiness, ‘Pretty good pretty good’, and then she started clapping.  It was an honour to be one of the chosen few who was singing in front of Princess Anne.