Year 1 visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood

Year 1 had a wonderful time at the V&A Museum of Childhood this week. Pupils explored a range of old and new toys and used their knowledge from English and History lessons to identify how toys were the same and how they differed. It was amazing to see pupils recall what they have learned and apply this knowledge in real life. Pupils had the chance to see different artefacts around the museum as well as participating in an engaging, immersive workshop. During the workshop, pupils became investigators and examined their fingerprints. Maryam from Bumblebee class commented ‘I found out that everyone has a different fingerprint and all of our fingers are unique.’ Pupils practised the art skill of printing and created super pictures using their fingerprints.  It was a very memorable experience for the children and they look forward to writing their recounts about it next week!