Shakespeare Day – 19th March 2021

The children in Reception had fun role playing being kings and queens. We are kings and queens!” said Baheen. “Off with his head!” said Suha.


On Friday 19th March, students and teachers celebrated William Shakespeare’s legacy by dressing up as his well known characters. We saw a fantastic range of costumes which included kings, queens, witches and fairies! During the school day, students explored a range of Shakespeare’s famous sonnets. Language, themes and motifs were studied and explored as well as the interesting figurative language Shakespeare used for character description and story telling. Classes performed their sonnets as a collective and practised their skills in oracy to achieve creating an atmosphere during their performances. The afternoon consisted of creating entries for the Shakespeare competition: a creative response to the famous line from Hamlet. This above all: to thine own self be true. The day was a success in celebrating the life and work of William Shakespeare and his work.



4I, the princesses are cursed by the witch.

1A, princes and princesses.