Year 2 visit to Jamia Mosque

Year 2 has been learning about Islam and this week they visited the local Jamia Mosque. Staff and pupils were warmly welcomed and then seated in the part of the mosque that conducts celebrations of births, weddings, funerals, community gatherings and a space for general get-togethers. The group then was taken to the part of the mosque where women prepare for prayer. This is known as ablution and also called wudu. Staff asked the pupils many questions about what they know about being a Muslim. Staff told us about the washing of nostrils, hair, hands and feet and placing their hands on their hearts to cleanse. Pupils then moved to the main space where the men practise. Once again, the pupils were questioned about what they knew. Many of them were already familiar with the Five Pillars of Islam and could already recite some of the holy Quran in Arabic. Pupils were given the opportunity to sit next to the mihrab and acknowledge things that they like about school. They were told about various prayers and the times that they take place. Lastly, they were given a short  lesson about ways in which names are written in Arabic. Ibrahim, Yahya, Safiyyah and Sara were just a few that we learned. Pupils were also taught that the writing in Arabic is from right to left. It was a very engaging visit and all pupils left much more knowledgeable about Mosques and Islam.