Year 6 Visit to Stratford Youth Zone

On Wednesday, year 6 attended the Stratford Youth Zone, to watch a theatre performance. There were conflicting views after watching the performance, which was called ‘The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’. It was an exciting experience which the pupils enjoyed due to the absurdity within the play. The use of a ‘gopro’ camera added an interesting element to the performance and created further surprises and expression.  Surprisingly, the performance was carried out with just two actors on the stage, which some of the pupils found a little strange and unusual. “I liked how one of the two actors narrated the whole story; on the other hand the other actor was multi-tasking, being the old man as well as making sound effects,” commented Aadil. However, not everyone enjoyed it, due to the fact that there were just two actors and the plot was difficult for some pupils to follow.  “I found it comical when the male actor acted like a chicken,” laughed Kaustubha. Overall, it was a good experience, being able to watch a performance in a theatre.